MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields



Proportional estimates of cover are developed from global training data derived using high-resolution imagery. The training data and phenological metrics are used with a regression tree to derive percent cover globally. The model is then used to estimate aerial proportions of:

  • life form (proportion of woody vegetation, herbaceous vegetation, or bare ground)
  • leaf type (proportion of woody vegetation that is needleleaf or broadleaf)
  • leaf longevity (proportion of woody vegetation that is evergreen or deciduous)

This version only contains a percent tree cover layer at this point in time. In the near future the other layers, a percent herbaceous cover layer, and a percent bare cover layer shall become available. This product was generated from monthly composites of 250 meter resolution MODIS data. The MOD09Q1 Surface Reflectance 8 day composites were used as inputs to the 32 day composites. Compositing was based on the second darkest albedo to remove clouds and cloud shadow. All 7 250m bands were used to derive metrics for the calculation of the percent tree cover. MODIS VCF is also known within the MODIS Land science team as product "MOD44B".


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