AVHRR Global Production Efficiency Model (GloPEM)


Product Guide

Please note: a complete Product Guide has not been generated for this data set. Please review materials on the Description page, and/or contact Dr. Stephen Prince at the University of Maryland, Department of Geography

How to open GLOPEM NPP data in ESRI ArcGIS:

When the GLOPEM NPP images are opened in ArcGIS, the minimum and maximum values appear to be anomolously high and low. The reason for the anomolously high and low NPP values when opened in ArcGIS is because ArcGIS does not automatically calculate statistics on images. The user will need to go into ArcCatalog and build statistics for the imagery that needs to be loaded. Once the stats have been calculated, the image(s) may be opened in ArcGIS without any problems. The data are in GeoTIFF format.

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